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Magnetic copper bracelet for Arthritis and rheumatic

Magnetic copper bracelet for Arthritis and rheumatic
Product Detailed
1.Magnetic copper bracelet 2.Relieve pain of Arthritis and rheumatic 3.99% pure copper,superb quality 4.MOQ:200PCS

Magnetic copper bracelet for Arthritis and rheumatic

Magnetic copper bangle is very fashionable. It is made of solid heavy gauge copper with 2pcs 1000 Gauss permanent magnets.

Magnetic copper bangle has a very stylish on the top of the Cuff. It is made of solid heavy gauge copper with 2pcs 2000 Gauss permanent magnets. Gloss and maintain lasting. It can promote blood circulation and microcirculation of wrist, alleviate wrist pain and stiffness. 

Why Choose Copper Bangle???

Hundreds and even thousands of years ago people wore copper bangles. 

Surely there are more attractive metals to make jewellery from. Well people are now starting to believe that the wearing of these copper bangles was due to knowledge these ancients possessed that we do not. This knowledge is about the added health benefits that come from pure copper.

It is now believed that the ancients wore these copper bangles in order to relieve their bodies from rheumatic pains caused by injuries or arthritis. Many of us today suffer from old sports injuries and arthritis. Arthritis is something that is hardly viewed by the scientific community as worth investing a lot of effort into solving, but we who suffer these pains and uncomfortable feelings in our joints think differently. We want some relief so that we can live our lives better.

The ancients discovered the secret to wearing copper around your wrists and now you can as well. The copper bangle works by creating an energy bridge at your wrist where you wear it and helps to amplify your own bodies' natural energy. How? Well it is thought that the difference between the electricity coming from your body versus the electricity in the bracelet helps to create this amplification of energy, and because of its circular nature it gives it back to your body via your blood stream, which gives it its healing capabilities.

Unlike typical pharmaceutical medications for arthritis, this copper bangle can be worn 24 hours a day no matter what it is that you are doing and it will cause no added damage to your body. You can be free of all those chemicals that only really mask the pain by just wearing a bracelet!Another benefit to these copper bangles is that they are considerably cheaper in the end then all of those medications and treatments. It is more convenient and cost effective to you to treat your aches and pains using this bracelet then any other method.

And of course, not to mention, these copper bangles are coming back in style and are very fashion forward and you will be still in style while taking care of your pain so that you can live an active and full life. Many customers of these bangles have said that for the price they have paid it was well worth the risk because now they are living pain free and looking good at the same time!

Bangles have long been a fashion accessory of some controversy. While some people love bangles, others are less enthusiastic. Bangles however are now making a strong comeback in the fashion world as a sort of throwback to the 1980s era. Whether you love them or hate them, copper bangles are now proving to have more worth a lot.

With proper care, you will have a great looking piece of jewelry or dress accessory for the long term. Not only that, copper bangles are known to have health benefits as well, based on the premise that it helps blood circulation as you wear them. Once you read this article, you will be informed of the common styles of wearing these bangles and how easy it is to take care of them. Then, you can decide if you want to get one for yourself.

In its simplest form, a copper bangle is a slim copper piece that has been knocked into a round bangle shape to fit around the wrist. The ends are not closed and there is a small half inch opening that allows the bangle to be easily worn and taken off. Today, you can find a wide variety of copper bangles with the same basic shape and form but with much intricate decorations or engravings. You can also find those that are handmade by artistes around the world to give the wearer a really unique and personal piece.

Another popular way to wear copper bangles is to stack them up. So, instead of wearing one slim bangle, you stack up 3 to 5 or even more, and it really showcases the shiny copper color and decoration that may be bangle. You could wear several of the exact same style one on top of another, or else you can choose 2 or 3 different styles and then just stack them up in an aesthetically pleasing way to you.

Copper is also known as the living finish in that it ages over time. So the color of a bangle will actually darken over time. That really gives a jewelry piece its character and what makes it so attractive to some people. It also makes a piece unique like no other, even if there are others with the same original design.

However, in cases where the copper bangle has not been coated with a polishing lacquer original, it may darken too much and lose its luster. That will be time to give it a little simple care. You can clean it by soaking it in vinegar for 5 to 10 minutes and then rinse and let it dry. Make sure, though, that it is a piece that has not been original varnished and given a protective coating. In those circumstances, this method is not appropriate. At the time of purchase, remember to obtain specific after-care instructions from the shop or online store that you are buying the piece from. It should be fairly straight-forward, these pieces are not meant to oxidize much or lose their luster quickly.

While having a good visual style and the aged look of a copper bangle is very attractive and pleasing, the benefits of wearing a copper bangle extends beyond that. It is known that people from ancient civilizations like ancient Egyptians and Romans wore copper jewelry to relieve their physical bodies from pain associated with arthritis or rheumatism or tension in the body. How does that work?

According to alternative medicine theories, copper jewelry could be increasing blood flow in a body, as well as raise the body's own natural energy. That reduces energy blockages within the body and eases painful symptoms. There is no landmark modern scientific research that backs this up, but from anecdotal evidence, it seems to be working. Today, many sports enthusiasts who play golf or tennis swear by these bangles or bracelets.

Magnetic copper bracelet for Arthritis and rheumatic

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