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Microcomputer Diagnosis Therapy Apparatus SR-900C

Microcomputer Diagnosis Therapy Apparatus SR-900C
Product Detailed
1.Microcomputer Diagnosis Therapy Apparatus 2.Accurate acupoints located 3.Multi-functional Massage methods 4.Easy to operate

Microcomputer Diagnosis Therapy Apparatus SR-900C

(Acupuncture pen)


Product Introduction

This product is developed based on the theory of Physics, Bionics, body inductive resistance dectective theory, acupuncturology, magnetotherapy resonance theory, Chinese traditional medical science and modern micro electronic technology, together with many experiences of clinical practice. It not only have the mode of five Chinese medical functions which are Hammering, Acupuncture, Cupping, Scraping, Massage etc., the model of integrated prescription for blood pressure reduction, neck, waist and leg, but also it has been granted with the function of heating with pads. The pads could produce temperature with the degree of 45-55, which will make it more effectively to ease fatigue and cure peripheral nerve injury and paralysis.


1. Operation Instruction:

Adjust the intensity dial, increase gradually to the one which is suitable for you;

Press the mode selection button and choose the treatment mode;

Apply the electrode pads on part of your body where weak organ locates or anywhere you want to massage;

Set the time how long the treatment is. When time is up, the apparatus will turn off automatically.

2. What is Diagnosis Function?

Inside all the living bodies, there is always certain special resistance and current. According to the resistance theory for different parts of the body, different points or diseased organs, using the intelligence of microcomputer CPU and the technology of frequency conversion digital biologic wave can help to increase the accuracy on searching for acu-point. When using the diagnosis function, you may analyze your health condition through the data displayed on the LCD (please refer to the health data table below and know you health condition), which can help to find the disease as early as possible and prevent it to become worse. Latent disease will be therefore prevented in advance.

The Way to Find the Acu-points:

Switch to “Diagnosis”mode. Use the thin detector head (Head C).

Turn on the apparatus, Press the Intensity for 3 second. It will turn on;

Find the datum mark, (through which we may know which intensity is suitable for us to do the diagnosis). Firstly, hold the machine (make sure to touch the channel electrode, your fingers touch silver metal part at the bottom of the device well) and put the head to the Standard point (YinXiang Point) on your thumb (as the following left picture), adjust the intensity button, when the number in LCD on the right is 25-30, which means datum mark is found. After finding datum mark, please do not adjust the intensity anymore during diagnosis;

After the third step, don’t change the intensity any more. Put the Detector Head upon your palm, and move smoothly and slowly within the rough area of acupuncture points. (Please refer to the Map of Acupuncture points on Palm below). When the LCD shows a stable number, it means an acupuncture point has just been located. You may compare this number with the “Health Data Table”; as above and know the health condition of the relative organs. Besides, if you feel mild current on acupuncture point, it means the organ reflected by the acupuncture point is healthy. If you have stabbing-like feeling, it means the organ is weak. The stronger feeling of stabbing you have, the weaker the reflected organ is.

3. What is Electric Acu-treatment?

Electric Acu-treatment takes physiological effect on the human body. This function can cure the weak organs of human body through the electrical stimulation to the acupuncture points. Specially for dealing with persistent symptoms refractory, It will have be effective to choose the electric moxibustion function.

How to Use Electric Acu-treatment:

Press Mode Selection Button for Electric Acupuncture Function: After diagnosis on your palm, you need to use the electrical acupuncture function to do the treatment on this point. Point the Detector Head to the acu-points on your palm; After the selection of Low-frequency electric Acupuncture Function, you could adjust the intensity and the frequency as well (fast or slow), then use the detector to treat the point which is sub-healthy;. Best therapeutic time for each point: Point where the screen shows the maximum number is the best position for electrical acupuncture. Every treatment should last for 5-15 minutes;. Once an acupuncture point which reflects weak organ is located, point the Detector Head of the device onto this acupuncture point for treatment. Adjust the intensity slowly, until you feel comfortable

How to Find Points on Your Body and Do Electric Acu-treatment

. After confirming the datum mark, you can use the middle size Detector Head for acu-points locating on the body, and glide the detector head on your body, when you got the sound “beep” and the number display on LCD is about 80,which means you have been very close to the acu-point. The more rapid the sound is, the closer the dectector head is to the acu-point.

. Press Mode Button for Electric Acupuncture Function to do acupuncture on body points ,also you can adjust the the intensity and frequency until you feel comfortable.

. This apparatus can help to do acupuncture your face, like facial massage, by the queen-size detector head

Heating Function

The pads release the far infrared heating temperature on your body, resulting in a constant temperature of 45-55 degrees, taking effect on skin to eliminate sub-health symptoms. It can also help you to release nitric oxide, and then relax blood vessels to prevent the block-up of blood clots. With this heating function, the therapeutic effect can be reached in a short time, which could make the patients feel very comfortable.

Microcomputer Diagnosis Therapy Apparatus SR-900C

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